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Choose Sci U for the best Botox in Marylebone.

Anti-wrinkle injections are one of the most popular treatments at our prestigious aesthetics and skin rejuvenation clinic.

We use them to smooth away lines and wrinkles on the face, restoring a fresh and youthful complexion. Botox is a fantastic way to future-proof your skin, preventing the development of lines.

Our therapists also use Botox to relieve the symptoms of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Botox is just one of the fabulous non-surgical aesthetic treatments at the Sci-U skin rejuvenation and aesthetics clinic in Marylebone.

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How do anti-wrinkle injections work? Botox Marylebone

Anti-wrinkle injections contain botulinum toxin, which blocks nerve signals in the targeted muscles.

When used to reduce lines, anti-wrinkle injections prevent the facial muscles from contracting and stretching the skin, leaving your face smoother and more relaxed.

Regular treatment will prevent the development of further lines as the skin will no longer be overstretched.


Best Places on the Face for Botox

Upper face

Anti-wrinkle injections are an effective solution for forehead lines, frown lines, laughter lines, bunny lines on the nose and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Lower face

Clients at our Marylebone clinic love the effect of Botox on their nasolabial lines, those creases that extend from the nose to the corner of your mouth.

Our highly professional skin experts use anti-wrinkle injections to lift the corners of a downturned mouth and block the muscle contractions that cause a dimpled chin.

Gummy Smile

Our experienced aestheticians also use Botox to relax the upper lip, reducing the amount of gum on view when you smile.

Teeth grinding

This versatile treatment provides relief for people who grind their teeth.

Teeth grinding damages the teeth and causes headaches, but anti-wrinkle injections into the muscles of the jaw will reduce the ability of the targeted muscles to clench and prevent the grinding.

Jaw contractions can widen the lower face, so once your jaw muscles are relaxed, your face may appear slimmer.


Botox for excessive underarm sweating

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a distressing condition that causes high levels of perspiration without hot conditions or strenuous activity.

Carefully placed Botox injections will block signals to the overactive sweat glands under the arm and significantly reduce perspiration.



How quickly will I see results after my treatments?

Many of our Marylebone clients see an improvement in facial lines after just a few days, but optimal results will develop after about two weeks.


How long do the benefits of anti-wrinkle treatment last? 

The benefit of the treatment lasts for up to six months, with the length varying between individuals.

Regular top-up Botox treatments will maintain a smooth and youthful complexion

Clients who have been treated for underarm sweating stay dry for the same period or even longer.


Will I need downtime after Botox?

No downtime is required after anti-wrinkle injections, and you can continue your day straight away.

You may find that the injection sites are more sensitive than usual for a few hours, so you should try not to touch them.

Botox injections can take as little as fifteen minutes, making them ideal skin treatments during lunch hour or on your way home from work.


Botox or dermal fillers?

Botox and dermal filler are both fantastic treatments that rejuvenate the appearance.

We use Botox to treat the fine lines and wrinkles created by facial expressions.

Dermal fillers are ideal for deeper wrinkles and for adding volume and contours to features.

Our highly trained aesthetician will be able to advise you on which treatment will give you optimal results and boost your self-confidence during your consultation.



The cost of Botox treatment at Sci-U Marylebone

The cost of anti-wrinkle injections begins at £180 for one area.

Treatment for underarm sweating costs from £450.


Other non-surgical aesthetic treatments at our Marylebone skin clinic

Botox and dermal fillers are just two of the range of premium facial and body treatments we offer our Marylebone clients.

Other popular procedures include lip fillers, laser hair removal and skin tightening.

You can find details of all our treatments here.


Why choose Sci-U for your skin treatment?

At our luxurious clinic in Marylebone, your satisfaction and safety come first. Our friendly staff will warmly welcome you and ensure your comfort during your procedure.

We only use the highest quality products and the most advanced technology, so you can expect excellent results and a great experience every time you visit.



How to find our Marylebone Clinic

Marylebone is located in the City of Westminster in London.

Marylebone High Street is famous for its chic boutiques and trendy eating places. The clinic is around the corner from Harley Street, which is renowned as a centre for innovative medical and aesthetic treatments.


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