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Fat Dissolving

Our fat dissolving injections specifically target and dissolve stubborn deposits of fat in the body.

from £175

Fat Dissolving
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As a less invasive alternative to surgery and a perfect treatment to compliment to a healthy lifestyle, we recommend our fat dissolving injections to any of our clients who are struggling to remove small, stubborn, ‘pinch-able’ stores of fat.

This treatment isn’t suitable for clients who are looking to remove large amounts of fat.

  • Dissolves stubborn fat deposits
  • Reshapes
  • Tones
  • Inch loss

The injections can be performed on several areas of concern, including on the thighs, hips, flanks, under the chin and on the upper arm area. Due to the nature of the treatment, some discomfort may be felt during the injection, and you may expect to see some redness or minor swelling for around 8 days post treatment on the site of injection.

The Process

The fat dissolving solution is injected directly into the targeted deposits of tissue in which the excess fat is being stored. The solution will then immediately begin to liquify the fat cells and dissolve the cell membrane; immediately disintegrating the stored fat deposit in the target area. The liquified fat cells are then expelled and metabolised naturally through the body’s lymphatic drainage system.

It starts by hydrating the skin, then it stimulates collagen and elastin production to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

Fat Dissolving Prices

  • Fat Dissolving Face £175

    45 minutes

  • Fat Dissolving Body From £250

    45 minutes

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