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IV Vitamin InfusionTherapy

To maintain healthy skin, the body needs an adequate amount of nutrition to build collagen and repair wear and tear from day to day life.

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I.V Infusions
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We understand that a busy life can often make it difficult to eat healthily and oral supplements from the high street can often not be properly digested.

Our vitamin infusions are specifically formulated to provide a skin-boosting burst of energy in the form of an injection of vitamins B12, D & C directly into the bloodstream.

  • Vitamin B12 aids the formation of red blood cells, sustaining energy levels and keeping your body’s cells
    and blood healthy.
  • Vitamin B Complex uses eight types of B vitamins to enhance cell metabolism, improve brain function, create energy
  • Vitamin D is important for maintaining bone and teeth health.
  • Biotin helps regulate your blood sugar, promote hair growth (including eyebrow, eyelash, and beard growth), and strengthen nails.
  • Fat Burner shot helps with cell metabolism and reduction in fat cells

The Process

Our vitamin infusions are administered using IV therapy and are delivered directly into the bloodstream. This is a pain-free process and ensures the vitamins achieve optimum absorption and you receive immediate burst of vitality and hydration!

Treatment Time

75 minutes

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