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Pregnancy Safe Facials

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it can take a significant toll on your body and skin. Unfortunately, traditional treatments are quite limited and may not always provide the results you desire.

from £150

hydrafacial in wilmslow

Transform Your Skin with Safe and Non-Invasive Facials for Perfect Hydration, Glow and Rejuvenation


Still similar to a regular hydrafacial but with a lower vacuum suction and with the removal of the chemical peel. But don’t worry! This still includes extractions, so clean blackhead free skin is still achievable.

Intraceuticals Oxygen & Booster Facial

Creating life can feel like your baby is taking everything from you, so replenishing all the hydration topically might be more suitable. Using oxygen for it’s rejuvenating benefits and an option of 1 or 2 vials of hydrating and nourishing serums.

Growth Factor

Yes! Even one of our most loved and results driven treatments is Pregnancy & Breastfeeding safe, so you don’t have to worry about your results from previous treatments being reversed. You can maintain and improve even through pregnancy.

Cryo Facial

Refresh, tighten and rejuvenate your skin with our favourite liquid nitrogen facial by stimulating blood and collagen to give you tight, sculpted and brighter skin.

Cool Lifting

The Cool Lifting gun propels onto the facial tissues a powerful CO2 flow at a very low temperature and an extremely high pressure combined with a special delivery of atomized  hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides. In one single 4 minute session your skin texture will improve dramatically.

Following sessions are required to receive the optimum results. Two sessions per week for 3 weeks or one session per week for 6 weeks. To maintain the results it is advised to have one session every 6-8 weeks.

Treatment Prices

  • Hydrafacial - £150

    60 minutes

  • Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial - £180

    60 minutes

  • Intraceuticals Booster Facial - £230

    60 minutes

  • Growth Factor - £250

    60 minutes

  • Cryo Facial - £150

    60 minutes

  • Cool Lifting - £150

    60 minutes

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