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Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial provides an immediate and rejuvenating burst of medical oxygen, botanicals, vitamins, and nutrients into the skin. The results are a long-lasting and dazzling glow to the skin and will be enjoyed after just one treatment.

£ 180

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial1
Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial2

In addition to the burst of powerhouse ingredients, blood circulation and hydration are boosted considerably by the Oxygen Facial, leaving the skin bright, glowing and instantly replenished.

Suitable for all ages, as well as pregnant clients.

Our oxygen facial uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to deliver medical grade, tailored skin serums and boosters deep into the skin.

We recommend the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial to be performed once a month as a way to maintain healthy skin and is perfect for the driest of skin types, but it works perfectly to get your quick glow on before a night out or special event.

  • Increased collagen
  • Instant glow
  • Deeply nourishes skin
  • Deeply hydrates the skin

Treatment Time

60 minutes

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial FAQs

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial treatment is the perfect solution to help hydrate and bring a youthful glow back to your skin. It uses a combination of pressurised oxygen therapy with specialist serums that target the deep layers of your skin.

We can tailor the treatment to your skin type and treat your skin concerns. The facial can help tackle fine lines and wrinkles, improve circulation and increase collagen production to boost your skin’s health.

The first step involves cleansing your face to remove any impurities so your skin is ready for treatment. We will then gently exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells and promote cell turnover.

The next step involves applying targeted serums to the skin. The serum includes hyaluronic acid, a mix of antioxidants and other ingredients that help to hydrate and plump your skin. We use a handheld device to apply the serum to your skin alongside a fine mist of oxygen.

Your skin absorbs the mix of oxygen and specialist serums, which penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. This helps the active ingredients work where your skin needs them most. As a result, you will see firmer, smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

With other facials, you often need to have multiple treatments to see results. With the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial, most clients see immediate results after their first session. This makes it an ideal way to prepare for an upcoming event or to show your skin some love.

Another benefit of this facial treatment is that it is suitable for all skin types and concerns. You will work with one of our skin experts who will assess your skin and select the serums that will work best for you.

Some of the skin conditions it helps treat include:

  • Soothes and hydrates dry skin
  • Corrects uneven skin texture
  • Reduce the appearance of acne and blemishes
  • Minimises and repairs inflamed skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Revives dull-looking skin
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin for firmer skin
  • Provides a refreshed and radiant glow to the skin

You will start to see instant results after your first treatment session. This includes an improvement in the hydration and radiance of your skin.

Over time, and with regular treatments, you will see that your skin texture looks smoother, your skin tone looks more even and there is more firmness and bounce to your skin. This means you will see a reduction in lines and wrinkles on your face.

Most clients describe this treatment as being comfortable and relaxing. The oxygen facial is non-invasive and works well on people with sensitive skin.

During your consultation, we will look at your medical history and discuss whether you have any allergies. This will help us ensure that any chances of having a reaction will be minimal. It will also help your practitioner find the right active ingredients to help benefit your skin.

After your treatment, we will provide you with advice on how to maintain your results and look after your skin. This will include protecting your skin with at least an SPF30 sun protection and advice on your skincare routine.

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial treatment starts at £180. At your consultation, your practitioner will talk to you about how many treatment sessions you will need to get your desired results. From this, they will develop a tailored treatment plan and discuss the total cost.