Sci-u Clinic Wilmslow

Justine Asghar

MLD Qualified Practitioner & Senior Therapist at Sci-u Clinic in Wilmslow

Justine's background is complementary therapies, which she started practicing in 2003.

Justine worked at an NHS breast cancer clinic for 4 years where she became aware of lymphoedema and the life changing effect it was having on some of the patients.

Justine decided to leave the NHS and study Dr Vodder MLD and in 2013 she qualified and began working in the private sector.

Since qualifying Justine has treated a range of conditions all associated with the lymphatic system. She has even had the privilege of treating past patients from the breast cancer clinic and still has contact with the BCN’s and consultants at the clinic, giving continuity with the care plan.

Justine take referrals from private clinics both locally and nationally, treating post-surgery swelling.