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Age Spot Removal

A non-invasive lifting treatment, our Plasma Pen treatment uses Plasma Fibro Blasting to remove the discolouration and renew the skin.

£ 65

Age Spots

Ideal for both the body and face, our Plasma Pen treatment can be used to address a wide-ranging selection of skin concerns including age spots. This is the safest and most natural way to get rid of pigmentation, freckles, sunspot, age spot whilst tightening the area.

There is some light downtime after the Plasma Pen treatment to allow the skin to fully heal and reap the benefits of the procedure; meaning you can expect to see some redness and swelling within around 8 days post-treatment.

  • Quick
  • Pain free
  • Targets stretch marks


The Process

As the name suggests, the Plasma Pen device is in the shape of a pen with an extended outlet on as the tip in the form of a needle that will discharge the plasma.

The Plasma Pen converts electrical energy into electrostatic energy, and this is delivered by impulse at around 1mm from the surface of the skin. Within the device, we will combine oxygen and nitrogen which forms an arc of plasma which is then applied onto the surface of the skin.

Known as ‘fibro blasting,’ these electrical impulses combined plasma on the skin will disrupt the skin tissue and trigger a natural and noticeable restoring and healing of the skin, causing the discoloured skin cells to die off, removing the age spot with it whilst increasing collagen production. After around 8 days of downtime and some natural skin peeling, the skin will be left feeling lifted, brighter and noticeably firmer.

Treatment Time

30 minutes