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Midwifery Led Services

Our midwifery-led service offers a range of alternative therapies to complement medical complaints and concerns.

Midwifery led services

Run by our experienced Midwife who has over 16 years of NHS experience, our midwifery-led service offers a range of alternative therapies to complement medical complaints and concerns.

Our Midwife is passionate about offering natural ways to promote the health and wellbeing of our patients. Qualified in aromatherapy, she uses her skills and knowledge to carry out relaxing treatments to encourage and promote body health.

Treatments are suitable for expectant mothers and their families, and whilst during pregnancy the mother should be encouraged to take part in wellbeing activities, this service is available for all patients wanting to explore alternative health therapies.

Using pregnancy safe essential oils, our Midwife is able to use aromatherapy to relieve common pregnancy related issues, should as aches, pelvic and back pain, and can look to promote natural methods of stimulating labour.

Services available:

Hot Stone Massage (£110 for 75 mins)

Using warm basalt stones, this relaxing head to toe message using the body’s own energy points to rebalance and harmonise. This truly relaxing massage uses the gentle pressure of the stones to relax and release tension.

Indian Head Massage (£99 for 40 mins)

Shown to increase hair growth and thickness, this scalp stimulating massage stimulates acupressure points along the head, neck, upper back, the shoulders, and face. This relaxing therapy can also help with patients suffering from migraines.

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage (£100 for 60 mins)

Through the use of essential oils, this extremely relaxing highly pampering therapy can treat a multitude of conditions such as; inflammation, skin conditions, aches and pains, mental health, menstrual health, sleeping disorders.

Reflexology (£95 for 60 mins)

Reflexology is a popular treatment used to encourage and promote the body’s own ability to heal and balance itself. Known for its success, reflexology is a gentle and relaxing foot massage which targets the reflexes in the feet which are known to reflect major organs in the body.

The feet, seen as a mini body map, can send signals and waves through the reflexes to specific areas and organs, in turn promoting healing and stimulation.

Pregnancy Massage (£80 for 45 mins / £175 90 mins)

Lying on your front in pregnancy is not recommended, and often women can feel the constant pressure of supporting the growing uterus on their back. Thanks to the ANNA pregnancy cushion, patients can enjoy lying on their front reliving their back of any pregnancy related stress.

This deeply relaxing massage, performed by our Midwife, is perfect for any pregnant women wanting to destress and relax.

Tailored to target any areas of pregnancy related issues for women, this massage will aid to relax and relieve muscle strain and tension often caused by the growing pregnancy.


IV Iron

Iron is needed in our body to help all our cells with their growth and development. Iron is needed to make a protein in our red blood cells called hemoglobin (HB) and to make some of our hormones.

Iron can be found in many foods; however, it is a common medical condition to have a low iron level in your blood. There are many reasons why your body may be low in iron, such as: your diet, some chronic diseases, cancers and other conditions.

Symptoms that you may experience when low in iron:

  • Fatigue
  • Low Energy
  • Pale skin
  • Increased heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Hair loss
  • Mouth Ulcers

Too much iron can be harmful, therefore a blood test to determine your iron levels must be obtained prior to any administration of Intravenous (IV) Iron.

This can be done at our clinic, or you can obtain these yourself, but they must be dated within 3 months. Your blood results will be reviewed by one of our highly skills Hematology Doctors, who will calculate the iron required specifically to your body’s needs.

The iron will then be delivered directly into your vein, via a cannular which will increase the absorption of the medication and will increase the level of iron in your blood much quicker than if you took this orally (tablets).

  • Blood Tests – 15 minutes- From £99 (test dependent)
  • IV Iron- 30 minutes, From £500 (dose dependent)

Please email to arrange your iron infusion consultation with our friendly medical team.

Pain Management Services

Our friendly and highly skilled Pain Management Consultant Dr Aglan has a significant biography with over 25 years of experience as a Pain Management Specialist.

With experience working with The Royal Family, Dr Aglan has also won multiple National awards for his work, and we are privileged to have him working at our clinic, to support and treat our patients suffering from chronic and acute pain conditions.

Dr Aglan can treat all chronic pain conditions including headache, facial pain, neck, shoulder and arm pain, spinal pain, low back pain & sciatica, joints pain, pelvic pain and neuropathic pain through various methods.

He is also able to help manage conditions causing widespread body pain such as fibromyalgia. Pain caused by sports injuries can be easily explored and treated through this service.

Services available

  • Consultations to explore and identify pain-related conditions (£300 for up to 60 minutes if required).
  • Medical reports for personal injury claims including solicitor reports. Dr Aglan is registered with the UK Expert Witness Register.
  • Migraine treatment
  • Sports Injuries
  • Radiology Investigations (Xray, Ultrasound and MRI).
  • Contacts with other specialist Consultants

Treatment options

PainMedical ConditionInjection/ Treatments

Tension Headache

Trigger points injection (TPI)


Muscle paralysing injection

Cervicogenic Headache

Cervical Epidural Steroids
Cervical Facet joints injections/ Denervation

Occipital Neuralgia

Occipital Nerve Block/ Denervation
Face pain

Orofacial pain (Nerve pain)

Peripheral Nerves injections
Spheno-palatine ganglion block

Face sweating & flushing

T2/T3 Thoracic Sympathectomy
Neck Pain

Muscle spasms

TPI of neck muscles

Facet joints Syndrome

Cervical Facet joints injections/ Denervation
Neck, Shoulder & arm pain

Disc bulge (radicular pain)

Cervical Epidural Steroid injection
Cervical nerve roots (DRG) block / Denervation

Myofascial pain

TPI of shoulder muscles
Shoulder pain

Muscle spasm

TPI/Shoulder Pain

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Joint injection (LA + steroids)

Frozen shoulder

Supra-scapular nerve block/ Denervation
Chest Pain

Unstable angina

Stellate Ganglion block

Teitz (Costo-chondral junction) syndrome

Costo-chondral junction injections / RFL Denervation
Dorsal pain

Disc bulge

Thoracic epidural / Thoracic nerve block

Facet joints syndrome

Dorsal facet injections/ Denervation

Muscle spasm

Abdominal pain


Greater Splanchnic Nerves Block/ Denervation

Cancer pancreas

Coeliac Plexus block/ Sympathectomy/ Denervation
Low Back Pain

Sacroiliac joint syndrome

Sacro-iliac joints injections / PRP/ Denervation

Facet joints Syndrome

Medial branch block (Diagnostic)
Facet injections/ Denervation

Fracture vertebra

Percutaneous Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty

Herniated Disc pain

Disc radiofrequency lesion,
Percutaneous Discectom
Low back & sciatica

Disc bulge (Radicular pain)

Lumbar epidurals/ Nerve block (DRG) Block
Nerve Root RFL Denervation (Pulsed)

Myofascial pain

Piriformis/ Iliopsoas muscle injections

Post back surgery

Release of epidural adhesions (Adhesiolysis)
Pulsed RFL denervation of nerve roots
Hip pain



Osteoarthritis) OA

Joint injection (LA + Steroids)

Post-surgery/ Neuropathic

Acetabular Nerves Block/ Denervation
Knee Pain

Bursitis/ tendonitis



Joint injection (LA + Steroids)

Post-surgery/ Neuropathic

Genicular Nerves Block/ Denervation
Pelvic pain


Pudendal nerve block / Denervation
Ganglion Impar block / Pre-sacral nerve block
Arm pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Stellate Ganglion Block
T2-T3 Sympathetic block
Leg pain


Lumbar sympathetic block
Chemical Sympathectomy / RFL Denervation
Widespread body pain

Fibromyalgia, CFS,
Long Covid Syndrome

IV lignocaine infusion
Neuropathic pain

Post-surgery (e.g. Hernia)

Scar neuroma injection/ Denervation

Postherpetic neuralgia

Selective Nerve Root (DRG) Block