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Those small areas of ‘pinch-able’ fat can be difficult to get rid of, but Lemon Bottle fat dissolving treatment in Cheshire will smooth them away in no time.

Fat-dissolving injections are used to target pockets of stubborn fat and are ideal for eliminating fat cells from specific areas on both the face and body. Lemon Bottle offers fast and impressive results with minimal discomfort and is one of the most popular treatments at our prestigious private aesthetics clinic in Cheshire.

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What are fat-dissolving injections?

Fat-dissolving injections are injected into stubborn pockets of fat, where they initiate a process of fat decomposition.

The injected solution stimulates the metabolism of the fat cells, which break down and are flushed away by the body’s lymphatic waste removal process.


What is Lemon Bottle fat dissolving treatment?

Lemon Bottle is an innovative type of fat-dissolving treatment that is offered at Sci-u in Cheshire.

It combines riboflavin with other premium ingredients to create a high-concentration solution. Lemon Bottle is the fastest fat dissolver currently available, offering impressive results for the face and body.


Are there any other benefits to Lemon Bottle?

Treatment with Lemon Bottle melts away fat cells but also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, making the skin firmer and smoother.



Is fat dissolving a weight loss solution?

Lemon Bottle fat-dissolving injections are not suitable for treating a large area of fat cells. They are designed to be used in stubborn pockets like on the upper arms or a double chin.


What will I look like after treatment with Lemon Bottle fat dissolver?

Those stubborn areas of fat will be reduced and have a more toned appearance.

If you have had treatment for a double chin, your new neck profile will be smoother and more youthful.

Cheshire clients report that fat-dissolving injections on the body give inch loss and make the contours sleeker. Some find that they can fit comfortably into their favourite jeans or body-con dress again.


Where can fat-dissolving injections be used? Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Treatment Cheshire

Our Cheshire clients love that Lemon Bottle fat-dissolving injections can be used to target stubborn fat all over the body.

You can say goodbye to your double chin and bingo wings after Lemon Bottle. Other popular treatment areas include the bra area, arms, flanks, hips and thighs.


How many treatments will I need?

Some of our clients at the Cheshire clinic see a significant improvement after their first treatment however, we recommend a course of treatments to gain long-lasting benefits from Lemon Bottle fat-dissolving injections.


Why should I choose the Sci-u Clinic in Cheshire for treatment to reduce fat cells?

The fabulous Sci-u aesthetics clinic in Wilmslow, Cheshire, was founded by beauty specialist Mozhgan Taheri.

Mozhgan has worked in the beauty and aesthetics world for many years in both the North West and Harley Street in London. She still has a presence in the capital with a luxurious clinic in Marylebone, London.

Mozhgan and her team in Cheshire are passionate about beauty and deliver impressive results every time.

You can find out more about Mozhgan and the team here.


How to find Sci-u clinic in Cheshire

The Sci-u Clinic is in the attractive Cheshire town of Wilmslow in the county’s Golden Triangle, an affluent area of expensive properties.

Cheshire is a largely rural county in North West England. It is home to many beautiful gardens and National Trust properties. The clinic is close to Quarry Bank Mill, one of Britain’s most important industrial heritage sites.


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