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Banish lines and wrinkles with Botox in Wilmslow at the stylish Sci-U clinic.

Our Wilmslow clients love our anti-wrinkle injections for their anti-ageing benefits, and Botox treatments are one of our most frequently performed procedures.

This versatile treatment also offers a solution to the problems of tooth grinding and excessive sweating.

Botox is one of the many premium treatments we offer at our luxurious skin rejuvenation and aesthetics clinic in Wilmslow.

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How does Botox treatment work?

Botox injections contain minute quantities of a purified form of botulinum toxin, a muscle relaxant.

Botox has been used in medical and beauty procedures for many years and is one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments worldwide.


Anti-ageing treatment with Botox in Wilmslow
Botox Wilmslow

When used as an anti-wrinkle treatment, Botox is injected into specific muscles in the face. It blocks nerve signals, preventing the muscles from contracting and stretching the skin.

The skin remains relaxed, lines are significantly reduced, and a more youthful appearance is restored.

Botox can be used to treat lines all over the face and neck. Popular treatment areas include the following;

-bunny lines on the nose
-frown lines
-forehead lines
-crow’s feet
-glabellar lines between the eyebrows
-fine lines around the lips
-horizontal lines around the neck


Anti-wrinkle injections to future-proof your skin

The talented aesthetic doctors at our Wilmslow Botox clinic also use it on young skin to prevent the development of lines and wrinkles.

The constant contraction of the facial muscles during facial expressions, such as squinting at your phone, stretches the skin and encourages lines.

Regular Botox treatments will keep the muscles relaxed, and your skin will remain smooth and wrinkle-free for far longer.


Botox treatment in Wilmslow for excessive sweating

Botox is a highly effective solution for excessive underarm sweating.

When injected into the skin under the arms, Botox can block the nerve signals to the sweat glands and considerably reduce perspiration levels.


Treatment for tooth grinding with botulinum toxin injections

Tooth grinding can damage teeth and cause headaches but botulinum toxin injections can help.

Botox is injected under the skin to relax the jaw muscles, preventing them from clenching and putting pressure on the teeth.

A secondary benefit of this treatment is that relaxing these large muscles makes the jawline slimmer.



Are anti-wrinkle treatments painful?

Our anti-wrinkle injections and other injectables are delivered by aesthetic doctors who are extremely skilled and experienced in the procedures, making the injections relatively pain-free.

Our Wilmslow doctors use very fine needles which cause minimal discomfort.

Local anaesthetic cream is always available if required.


When will I see the results of my Botox injections?

You may notice changes a few days after your anti-wrinkle treatment, but the true benefits will develop after a couple of weeks.

Your lines will be softer and your natural beauty will be enhanced.


How long will the benefits of anti-ageing treatments last?

Your skin will remain smoother and more relaxed for up to six months, although this varies between individuals.

The effects of Botox injections for excessive sweating or tooth grinding will last for a similar length of time.


Is any recovery time required after Botox?

You won’t need any recovery time after being treated with anti-wrinkle injections at our clinic in Wilmslow.

However, we do suggest that you take extra care of your skin for the first day or so post-treatment.

There may be slight bruising or tenderness at the sites of the injections. Try not to rub your skin as this could cause more irritation.

Our aesthetic doctor at the Wilmslow clinic always advises clients not to engage in strenuous activity for the first twenty-four hours after treatment. The increased blood flow during exercise may cause the botulinum toxin to move around, affecting the final results.


The price of Botox treatment at Sci-U Wilmslow

The cost of anti-wrinkle injections starts at £180 for one anti-wrinkle injection.

Treatment for underarm sweating costs from £450.


Why choose Sci-U for your skin treatment in Wilmslow?

We strive to provide the best treatments, the best experience and the best results every time at our luxurious Wilmslow clinic.

Our founder, Mozhgan Taheri, is passionate about using aesthetic medicine and skin treatments to make her clients feel great.

We invest in premium products and the most up-to-date beauty technology to ensure that our clients in the Wilmslow area receive the best of everything.

You can learn more about the wide range of treatments at Sci-U here.



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