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If you are searching for a non-invasive skin treatment that will give even dull skin an instantly gratifying glow, try a Hydrafacial in Cheshire at the Sci-U Clinic.

Award-winning Hydrafacial treatment is one of the most frequently requested treatments at our Cheshire clinic and no wonder. It is the most advanced facial available, using patented technology to deliver both a luxurious experience and powerful skin health results even to sensitive skin.

Whatever your beauty concerns, you will love how your skin feels and looks after just one treatment.

The Hydrafacial is just one of many rejuvenating aesthetic treatments available at our clinic in Cheshire.



What happens during a hydrafacial treatment?

It takes six essential steps for your Hydrafacial treatment to give you glowing skin.


Lymphatic drainage

The Hydrafacial begins with relaxing lymphatic massage to dispel retained fluid, improve circulation and encourage your tissues to eliminate toxins. Lymphatic drainage reduces puffiness and improves skin tone.



Gentle exfoliation with the Hydrafacial cleansing wand uses a gentle vacuum to remove old make-up and environmental debris from the surface of your skin.


The Hydrafacial peel

When the skin’s surface has been cleansed the dead cells that cause dull skin are swept away with a Hydrafacial peel. This patented peel gives gentle but deep exfoliation that is effective enough to uncover a new layer of fresh skin.



The final deep cleanse uses the Hydrafacial wand and gentle suction to ensure that all the debris has been removed from even the deepest pores.


Application of serum

Hydrafacial super serums are applied to your deeply cleansed skin. Hydrafacial serums are full of botanicals, peptides, antioxidants and intense moisturisers including hyaluronic acid that boost hydration and brighten the skin.

The new layer of skin that has been revealed by the Hydrafacial deep cleanse is particularly receptive to this nourishing cocktail.


LED therapy

Light therapy adds the final touch to your Hydrafacial treatment.

Red and infrared LED light reduces redness, acne inflammation and brown spots. LED therapy also boosts collagen production, which smooths and firms the skin. It has also been clinically proven to support the natural production of vitamin D which is essential for skin health.



How can one facial suit all skin types?

Hydrafacial Cheshire

Hydrafacial treatments can be customised to provide a suitable treatment for all skin types. The expert aestheticians at our Cheshire clinic can ‘tweak’ your treatment to address your particular skin concerns.

Whether you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles on ageing skin, congested skin with excess oils or dull skin, hydrafacial treatments will give you radiant skin.


Do Hydrafacial treatments improve the appearance of ageing skin?

Hydrafacial super serums are bursting with super hydrating hyaluronic acid which gives a fresh and youthful glow to mature skin.

LED light therapy is also an important anti-ageing protocol. Mature skin develops fine lines and wrinkles due to a reduction in the natural production of collagen as we age. The inclusion of infrared LED light in the treatment helps to stimulate collagen production in the skin, smoothing the skin and reducing enlarged pores.

Hydrafacial treatment provides a significant boost to the skin health of our Cheshire clients.


Is the Hydrafacial good for acne-prone skin?

Yes! The superior level of exfoliation and pore cleansing make Hydrafacial treatment ideal for skin prone to acne.

The patented technology of the Hydrafacial wand extracts impurities, clears clogged pores and removes the debris and dead skin cells that can worsen acne breakouts.

The final stage of the Hydrafacial treatment is also particularly beneficial for acne-prone skin. Red and infrared LEDs are clinically proven to soothe the inflammation caused by acne. LED therapy may also break down the bacteria that cause infection.


How much does Hydrafacial treatment cost in Cheshire?

The cost of a Hydrafacial treatment starts at £150.

You can find out more about our prices here.


How many treatments will I need at the Cheshire clinic?

Many of our clients see an immediate improvement in their skin tone and brightness after just one treatment. However, we advise a course of treatments for the best and longest-lasting results.



Why should I choose the Sci-U Clinic in Cheshire for my Hydrafacial treatments?

We provide a wide range of non-invasive premium treatments to our Cheshire clients in our luxurious clinic in Wilmslow.

Our founder, Mozhgan Taheri, has wide experience in the beauty industry, and her talented team shares her passion for the power of aesthetic treatments.

The clinic’s philosophy is simple: an honest approach and excellent results every time.

You can find out more about Mozhgan and the team here.


How to find Sci-U clinic in Cheshire

The Sci-U Clinic is in the attractive Cheshire town of Wilmslow in the county’s Golden Triangle, an affluent area of expensive properties.

Cheshire is a largely rural county in North West England. It is home to many beautiful gardens and National Trust properties. The clinic is close to Quarry Bank Mill, one of Britain’s most important industrial heritage sites.


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