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If stretch marks make you self-conscious about your body, book a consultation at Sci-U for stretch mark removal in Wilmslow today.

The therapists at our luxurious skin rejuvenation and aesthetics clinic in Wilmslow will make you feel comfortable in your own skin again with Cool Laser and Carboxy treatment options. Stretch marks can be smoothed away from your thighs, arms, breasts or wherever they occur.

Sci-U Wilmslow is a relaxed and private clinic where you will receive the highest quality aesthetic treatments available.



How are stretch marks formed?

Stretch marks develop when the skin is stretched so much that the collagen and elastin fibres in the deeper layers split apart, preventing the skin from repairing itself.

The first sign, often a red mark on the skin, then fades into a silver streak on the skin’s surface.

Stretch marks are scars, but they develop gradually, and you are unlikely to feel any pain as they do so.


Why have I got stretch marks?

Stretch Mark Removal Wilmslow

Most people develop stretch marks at some point in their lives. The first often occurs at puberty as the body rapidly changes size and shape. Weight gain during pregnancy is another common trigger.

People who work hard at the gym to develop muscle can sometimes find that they develop stretch marks, too.

Both men and women can be affected, but Sci-U Wilmslow has excellent treatment options to restore the appearance of your skin.


Stretch mark treatment options at the Wilmslow clinic

We offer highly effective non-surgical skin treatment options that include laser therapy and carbon dioxide injections to promote healing and increase collagen production in the skin cells.

Collagen production is part of the body’s natural healing process, and after treatment, the skin will begin to repair itself, becoming stronger, smoother and more elastic. The colour and texture of your stretch marks will both be reduced, making you happier to show some skin again.

These treatments are effective on both stretch marks and mild scarring and are frequently used at our Wilmslow clinic.


Cool Laser treatment

Lasers are a versatile therapy that can be used to treat many different skin concerns.

As the name suggests, the Cool Laser is a low-intensity laser treatment that produces just enough warmth to stimulate new collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin.

Is Cool Laser treatment uncomfortable?

The laser used in this therapy doesn’t overheat or burn the skin and discomfort is minimal.

Will I need any downtime after Cool Laser in Wilmslow?

You won’t need any downtime, but there will be some redness, and your skin will peel a little a few days after your treatment session.

This is normal, and the new skin revealed will be fresher and smoother.

Our aftercare instructions include treating your skin gently for a couple of days. Avoid rubbing and sun exposure; if necessary, use a gentle moisturiser on the treatment area.

How soon will I see results from my laser treatment to treat stretch marks?

Many clients at the Wilmslow clinic report a more velvety texture to their skin after a few days, but the real benefit of laser treatment continues to develop for up to three months.

Once stimulated, the collagen production rate will continue growing, and your stretch marks will soften and become smoother in texture.

The cost of Cool Laser at the Sci-U Wilmslow clinic

A 60-minute Cool Laser treatment costs from £300.


Carboxy treatment for stretch marks at the Wilmslow clinic

Carboxy uses microneedling techniques to create tiny punctures in the skin through which carbon dioxide is injected into the stretch marks.

Carboxy therapy stimulates collagen production and encourages skin-nourishing red blood cells to flow to the treated area.

Will I need numbing cream for Carboxytherapy?

Carboxy is not a painful procedure, but numbing cream is available if you prefer to have it.

No downtime is required after this treatment.

When will I see results post-treatment with Carboxy?

The results are not immediate, but you will be delighted with the improvement in the appearance of your stretch marks after a course of treatment.

The cost of Carboxy in Wilmslow

Prices start at £150 for a 60-minute treatment.


Where can stretch mark removal treatment be used?

Cool Laser treatment and Carboxy therapy are suitable for use all over the body.


The cost of a consultation at our Wilmslow clinic

We charge £50 for your initial consultation and advice on treatment options, but this will be deducted from the cost of your future treatments.


Next steps

Book a consultation with one of our aesthetic specialists in Wilmslow today to start your journey to stretch mark-free skin.



More about the Sci-U Wilmslow Clinic

Our Wilmslow clinic is a relaxed and luxurious space offering the best aesthetic procedures.

The clinic was founded by Mozhgan Taheri, a specialist in using non-surgical skin treatments to make her clients feel great about themselves.

Mozhgan and her team never make false promises to clients, always deliver great results and promise absolute discretion.

You can learn more about the wide range of treatments at Sci-U here.


How to find our clinic in Wilmslow

Wilmslow is an attractive town in Cheshire’s Golden Triangle, an area renowned for its expensive properties and celebrity residents.

Although surrounded by rural Cheshire, Wilmslow is easy to reach from all other parts of the North West and the centre of Manchester.

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